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how to secure unmanage devices to access saas app?

Hi team,

I have 2 question after i read the harmony connect datasheet.

1) Is that possible to switch the region based on user current location automaticity ? example: user may need to flight to other country, what happen user using his laptop in different country?

2) What if I need to ensure unmanage devices are not allow to access saas app? Example: I using O365 in my company, however I only allow login to my O365 when user devices installed with Harmony connect agent. Do we have something like browser access based on device posture and compliance. 


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Check Point Harmony Connect is a globally distributed service. When a user with secure Internet Access or Network Access connects to the network, Harmony Connect selects the best service location (PoP) from the list of locations approved by the administrator.

  • If the user's location and the service location are in the same country or state, then it is selected.
  • If there are multiple service locations in the user's continent or if there are no service locations in the user's continent , then the service location with the lowest latency to the user's location is selected.



We have the concept of trusted devices and posture as an access condition.

Please consult with your local Check Point SE to learn more about the current & planned use cases.

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