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Is it possible to use VPN from host to VM?


I use Checkpoint Endpoint VPN client for Windows. It work on local machine. then I want to work on Linux OS.

I create a VM with Hyper-V (Ubuntu 22.4) and my host is windows 10 pro.

How should I configure the VM to use the VPN from the host machine?

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For native VPN clients on Linux, you're looking at SNX (a Check Point client) or StrongSWAN.
You will need to work with your administrators to enable you to use either of these options.

Even if you can route the traffic to the VM running the Endpoint client, you have the following things to contend with:

  • Routing the traffic to the VM (depends on your virtualization environment)
  • The traffic being received by the VM (may be blocked by the virtualization environment, Endpoint firewall, the configuration of which is controlled by your administrator)
  • The traffic being routed/NATTed through the VPN tunnel (IP Routing is generally disabled in the OS AND the Remote Access client does not perform NAT)

Bottom line: this is not supported.

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