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Capsule connect replacement

Good day everyone.  I currently have the capsule connect client on a few hundred laptops so when working remote, they get the same level of protection as when they're in the office, behind a gateway.

It seems like this product is still running the R75.40 version of code, and maybe has been obsoleted by checkpoint?  For the most part, it works OK, but https inspection is buggy at times, and sometimes latency is really high.  I had heard about a year ago that there was replacement product on the horizon, but nothing definitive has been brought forward for me to migrate to.  Does anyone have any information on this?


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Capsule connect ended up in 2016, I think.

For the full list of Remote Access Solutions, look into this sk

Also, we have plenty of discussions for the matter in the community. For example, this post collects the most useful links and tools for RA VPN

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CloudGuard Connect will be the ultimate replacement for Capsule Cloud. @Tomer_Sole can tell you more.

Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hi, at the moment Capsule Cloud remains our GA solution for security for users using a cloud service and is fully supported.


The architecture of CloudGuard Connect which currently serves users at the office is going to serve users outside the office, with an always up-to-date security, better performance and unification through Infinity Portal. More details are available at


So at the moment, CloudGuard Connect for Users is in Private Early Availability. We plan to increase the amount of EA customers as the versions become more mature - later this quarter. 

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