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Shift Left Done Right! TechTalk Video, Slides, and Q&A

Slides and Q&A are posted below the video.


To scan Terraform, do i need Spectral or CloudGuard CSPM license?

Either license will work.

How do we leverage AWS/Azure/GCP tags with Spectral? Can you see tags in the results? Or trigger scans based on a tag?

Spectral works on code, not the deployed infrastructure. If your IaC template contains tags, you can customize your rules to enforce tagging even before deployment.

What size environment in terms of number of developers would you say is a good fit for Spectral?

There is not a minimum or maximum number. Spectral is used both by individual developers and organizations with thousands of contributors.

How does licensing work? Per developer or some other metric?

Per developer. You can see more details on including our free tier. 

Can Spectral can run on an on-premise environment without Internet access?

You can run Spectral in a contained environment and get local results immediately.

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