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CloudGuard FW running on ESXi with HT enabled/disabled


The customer runs the FW cluster on each ESXi server; one VMware server is HT enabled and the other is HT disabled. I mean HT on ESXi itself not in the Gaia. In the Gaia it's disabled for sure.


What is the recommendation regarding the ESX HT function, should it be enabled or disabled for CP FW?

The ESX server has 8 physical cores and FW has all 8 cores allocated.

When I spoke with our VMware specialist, he said that HT should be enabled even if not used by Gaia, and that VMware scheduler takes all the rest that Gaia will run only on physical cores, not somehow splited between HT cores.

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I don't believe enabling HT this has been tested in VMware, so can't say for sure what the impact will be.

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