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Deploying WAAP with Helm

Helm Charts are a quick, one-step method for deploying resources into your Kubernetes Environment. Deploying the Check Point CloudGuard WAAP solution using Helm is a simple way to add Web Application and API protection WAAP to your existing Kubernetes Application. The solution uses an Nginx Container with a Check Point Nano Agent, and a Check Point Nano-Agent Container to inspect inbound traffic to your K8s environment.  

After configuring your application in the Infinity Next portal, you can download the helm chart from the repository below and deploy it by specifying the Nano token (from the portal), your application URL, application service name, and the service port your application is listening on.  The images referenced in the chart are from Check Point's Infinity Next repository.

You can easily try this on your own K8s cluster in GCP, AWS, Azure, or your private K8s deployment using the "juice-shop" app.

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