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using Azure AD for O365 using ID-Guard in SaaS

Hi CheckMates,

I would like to know if CG SaaS does support MS Azure AD with O365 application?

Reason why I ask if first the help states limitation that I is currently not supported but the following SK137853 else starte how to configure -



Currently, CloudGuard SaaS can integrate with any Identity Provider and SaaS application that supports SAML2.0.

However, these combinations are not currently supported:

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) with Office 365 applications
  • G Suite Identity provider with Google Apps


Can any one elaborate on this?


Best Regards
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Re: using Azure AD for O365 using ID-Guard in SaaS

Hi @Kim_Moberg,

What is currently not supported in CloudGuard SaaS is the specific combination Azure AD/Office 365. This does not mean we do not support Azure AD as an Identity Provider used in combination with other SaaS applications (Salesforce, Box,...). The combination Azure AD/Office 365 poses technical challenges for our integration and we are working with Microsoft to resolve them. At this stage, we do not have an ETA for this support.

I hope this clarifies things.


Best regards,



Re: using Azure AD for O365 using ID-Guard in SaaS


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