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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

CloudGuard Dome9 Clarity new look

CloudGuard Dome9 Clarity for cloud environment visualization has a new look and improved performance.

As before, you can see a graphical visualization of your cloud environment showing either the Security Groups protecting your assets, or the assets themselves. The color-coded swimming lanes classify the level of exposure of your assets to the public internet.

What is new?

  • New visualization of Security Groups (for AWS)  and Assets (all providers) in your cloud environment
  • Security Group and  Assets Views (as before)
  • Improved performance when visualizing large cloud environments:
    • Faster page loading time
    • Better VPC topology representation
  • Filtering options:
    • Group by effective policy, external IPs, and Security Group names
    • Classify by level of exposure to external internet
    • Select specific asset types
  • In the Assets view you can view assets from peered VPCs, and show flow logs rank: on each node see accepted vs rejected traffic ratio










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