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Upgrading Check Point Cluster in Azure


Check Point gateway cluster upgrade procedure in Azure.

I was told, in Azure you will bring up a brand new Check Point Cloud Guard cluster with the latest build and version and you will then shut down the old cluster, remove the NIC and attach it to the new Cluster you brought up

I am trying to do this setup in my lab, however I cannot remove all the interface attached to the cluster, I am getting following error


ErrorMessage: Virtual machine XXXXXClusterA1 must have at least one network interface, and its not allowing me to remove the NIC

I am following the azure article 

The Cluster VM's are shut down and deallocated and I am able to remove one interface (eth1) from the cluster, however eth0 I couldn't remove

Please let me know if there are any better way to upgrade the cloud guard cluster with minimal downtime


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Try adding an unrelated NIC to the VM before removing the ones you are moving to the other VM.


Hey Dameon.  Related to this question, but on AWS, are there any guides anywhere for adding a new cluster node to an existing CloudGuard cluster on AWS?  I want to add two new nodes with upgraded software 88.10, in different AZs to the cluster and then remove the old nodes 77.30.  The management node is already running 88.10 and I am using SmartConsole for management.

I cannot find any documentation for doing this, but may not be looking in the correct place.

Many thanks if you can assist.


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