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TechTalk: Dome9 Overview and Q&A

Dome9 Security is now part of Check Point! In this TechTalk, we will provide an overview of the Dome9 solution and cover:

  • How public cloud differs from traditional network in terms of security.
  • Ensuring your cloud workloads and services are more secure and compliant (and remain that way).
  • Demo and Q&A.

Full video available to CheckMates members here: Dome9 Overview and Q&A Video 

Full audio recording available on SoundCloud: Dome9 Overview and Q&A by Check Point CheckMates

Slides available to CheckMates members here: Introduction to Dome9

A brief excerpt of the video is available below.

3 Replies

I totally understood why Check Point did buy Dome9.

And I guess every security officer will ask how much it will cost as it should be on this years budget if you do cloud stuff.

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Check the Product Catalog in the UserCenter under the cloud section for pricing 

It is priced per assets in your account in 100 asset chunks 

For licensing purposes, a protected asset is a server or database instance. In AWS environments, we look at EC2 and RDS instances. Micro and nano instances are protected for free. In Azure environments, we count VMs, SQL DBs and SQL Servers. The 0 family (A0/D0) is excluded. In Google Cloud environments, we count instances except F1-micro instance types
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its a great solution, we are currently testing it with some azure enviroments.


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