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Quantum Edge vs CloudGuard Network

Hi Guys,

Good day !

Would like to know what exactly is the difference between CloudGuard Network run in VM against a Quantum Edge in VM ?

currently Quantum Edge is marketed as a SDWAN edge gateway but I have heard from CP reps that it is equivalent of SMB Spark appliances in the VM. if thats true, how does it compare to the CloudGuard Network in VM.


Also, does Quantum edge support Mobile access vpn like they do in spark appliances ? The reason for the query is, can Quantum edge be used as a VM install smaller sites which were catered by spark. if yes, what feature will it lack compared to the full blown Cloudguard network virtuall FW in ESX. Also, is there any sizing guide for the quantum edge ?

The document doesn't have any information at all on this.

Thank you!




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Employee Employee

The documentation recommends a 2 CPU / 2GB RAM instance.

In terms of the general OS differences there are SK articles & known limitation documentation such as this: sk92741 

Moreover you also currently have the feature differences between R80.20.x and R81.10.x versions to consider.

Suggest taking the discussion further with your local CP SE for detailed sizing & requirements analysis.

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There are currently no plans to implement further versions of Quantum Edge, which is based on the Quantum Spark R80.20.xx code base and has the same features/limitations.
If you have specific requirements for Quantum Edge, please discuss them with your local Check Point office.

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I was looking forward to using Quantum Edge for a small customer with a few sites all equipped with 1570's, and a few VMs in a datacenter.
They're moving away from MPLS and need to keep sites connected to DC. Quantum Edge seemed like the nice/easy/obvious option, with the easy community VPN setup.
But I see it's indeed going end-of-sales this week...
Is it killed due to the lack of customer demand?

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I don't know the precise reason the product was discontinued.
In any case, requirements for this or similar products should be discussed with your local Check Point office.

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