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Does anyone used Central Deployment Tool to upgrade CloudGuad CheckPoint IaaS Cluster in Azure



We have around 20 Azure Cloudguard IaaS gateway Clusters and wondering if we can use the Centeral Deployment Tool (CDT) to apply patches and Jumbo hotfixes. Have anyone used it in Azure management server. Please share your experiences

I was looking at the limitations section of CDT tool for Cloudguard and see the following, will it not recognize the Cluster members. 


CDT supports only CloudGuard for NSX Security Gateways. 
Note: CDT recognizes each CloudGuard for NSX Security Gateway as a single Security Gateway
CDT only supports CloudGuard Gateway and CloudGuard Controllers R80.10 and above.
CDT supports only Hotfix and Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator packages. Minor and Major upgrade packagesare not supported.




Chandru Saravanan


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You cannot do an in-place upgrade of Azure or AWS instances.
That pretty much eliminates using CDT for the task.
In the case of management instances, this means a migrate export/import to a freshly installed instance.
Security Gateways require a fresh installation.
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