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Does Azure environment only support 2 interfaces?

Hi all,

Does Azure environment only support 2 interfaces?
(Frontend, Backend)

It is confirmed that the contents of sk106144 can be added to the interface.
However, it is the R77.10 version of vSEC.

Looking at the most recent material, sk109360, there is a limitation that additional interfaces are not supported.



Which is right?



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R77.10 and current versions are…very different.
Azure itself has changed quite a bit in the last several years also.
In fact, on the top of sk106144 (which will only work by direct link, won’t come up via a search in sk), it says very clearly: This article has been deprecated because Check Point in Azure has to be configured now in different way than described below.
Refer to sk109360 - Check Point Reference Architecture for Azure.

Which would suggest sk109360 is correct and only two interfaces are supported.

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