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Cluster member disfunction

Hello community
Hello CheckPoint team
Could you give an advise?
We have Cluster located in Google Cloud. Cluster contains 2 FWs. And the problem is: when the second one is active it takes all the traffic and doesn't conduct it to the endpoints. When the first one is active and second switched off - all fine.

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make sure you have Google API access on the External VPC subnet (Cluster interfaces).

during a failover the Primary Public IP (that's its name in Google IP addresses ) should move to the 2nd member.

Also , you have 2 default static routes in the internal VPCs , priority 1 to Primary and Priority 2 to Backup. during a failover you need to see that the Priority 1 route is deleted , leaving only the default route to the Backup (new ACTIVE).

I can guess you don't have the Google API access configured or you don't have access to them from the instances.


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