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Cloudguard: vwan vs ha vs vmss

Hi CloudMates,

Apologies if it's a noob question but could you illuminate me on how to choose the right product for a new  Azure landing zone project?


Is this VWan "the new thing" an evolution of the classic HA and VMSS?

For what i read VWan can work in all the scenarios you use others, EW, NS, ExpressRoute, etc, plus its natively integrated and seems to play very  well with Azure Routing, simple to deploy and loads of benefits.


So are they reasons why you would choose HA or VMSS over VWan?


Looking forward to hear your input. Many thanks!

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@Shay_Levin can you please assist?

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Hi @Gojira,

It depends on your needs which solution is best for you.

HA provides you with high availability redundancy in the event of a failure.

With VMSS, you can create unlimited instances seamlessly based on preconfigured policies.

*In VMSS there are some blade limitations, such as VPN.

By leveraging vWAN, you can benefit from all the features Microsoft offers along with Checkpoint's protection in the center to protect all the connected environment and sites across different regions.


In addition to Lior's comments, please note that vWAN involves additional costs, which you can review here: Azure vWAN Pricing. The vWAN solution is more suitable for organizations with tens or hundreds of vNets.

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