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Cloudguard Cluster in multi region North and West

Hi All, 

I am looking to deploy Azure Check Point Cluster in North and West region, single zone deplyment only requiref 1 frontend and 1 backend loadbalancer both have backend members, now when having multi regions do I need to use just 1 frontend and 1 Backend loadbalncer and add all 4 memebrs from both regiosns (cluster in regions North and another cluster in West)  I am not sure how this failover too from one to another region. 

there is already a VMSS deployement in place, this is parallel deployement of High availablity.





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Hi Kamaladmire,

Would it be possible to have a diagram of what you are trying to do?

Generally, you can't have more than 2 members on a load balancer in high-availability configuration. Not sure if this is what you are trying to achieve

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