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CloudGuard IaaS Product Announcement - Cloud Management Extension (CME) Take 66 Release



I'm happy to inform of our latest update of Cloud Management Extension (CME). Take 66.

In this release, you can find

  • For Azure
    • Improved handling of API request throttling in Azure
    • Minor fixes
  • For AWS
    • Autoscaling: integration with Network Load Balancer new listeners - UDP and UDP_TCP
    • Transit VPC: spoke-routes and export-routes are now configured via the autoprov_cfg tool
    • TGW: GW can be configured to re-advertise desired spoke routes over BGP back to the TGW (for Direct Connect)
    • TGW: Gateways can be configured to automatically set static routes on their instance route table
  • For all platforms
    • Set a prefix to all SmartConsole objects created by the CME. For more information type 'autoprov_cfg set template -h' and look under '-pn'
    • Added the CME take number to version’s information (through ‘autoprov_cfg –v’ and cme_menu)
    • Fixed degradation inserted in Take 55 - Custom gateway script (-cg Flag) is now supported on AWS and GCP and not just Azure

Please, note that a new limitation was added -

Automatic HF deployment and setting a prefix to all SmartConsole objects' features cannot be activated in parallel for the same controller.


Download Information:

CME is provided as a CPUSE package and available for online or offline installation. Follow the installation instructions in sk157492 to install or update CME.


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2 Replies


thank you for the information.

I am just wondering if Check Point currently recommends using CME instead of the Autoprovision Add-On. I cannot find this information in the available materials.

Best regards, Václav

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Thank you for your comment.
You are right, we didn't write it in the sk. CME replaced the old Autoprovision Add-On and it is the recommended package.
We will add it to the "What's New" in the CME sk.
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