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Change IP Address Management on Azure in FrontEnd Network


I have a Check Point Firewall on Microsoft Azure. I can manage the firewall throught Public IP Address. However, I note, after firewall deployment, that the Private IP Address associated to the IP public address had a wrong subnet mask.

I Changed the subnet mask on Gaia and firewall objects and the rules were installed successfully. However, when the subnet mask is changed on Azure, I lose connection to the firewall management from Internet.

To ilustrate best this scenario, I explain it with an example:

The eth0 interface have a Private IP Address mask

The eth0:1 subinterface have a Public IP Address

When I change eth0 interface to Private IP Address mask on the firewall and install rules, the firewall acts successfully.

When I update the subnet mask on Azure I lose connection to manage the firewall and I need to return to the before subnet mask.

In this moment the subnet mask on the firewall is and the subnet mask on azure is, but I need configure the same subnet mask on both.

Any ideas about how to solve this?

Thaks for your help.   

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I understand the subnet mask is not what you expect.

My questions are:

1. If you leave it alone, what faulty behavior do you observe, if any?

2. Where exactly are you trying to correct the subnet mask? Screenshots might be helpful.


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