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Azure accelerated networking

I'm running R80.10 gateways and a management server in Azure. However, gateway network throughput capacity is quite low (around 1 Gbps) despite we are using DS4_V2 VM. 1 Gbps is unlikely sufficient for  any medium to large size cloud data center.  Microsoft claims it provides up to 6 Gbps network throughput capacity for DS4_V2 VM.  Some time ago Microsoft announced accelerated networking feature and made it available for Linux and Windows VMs. They suggested we redeploy our gateways with accelerated networking enabled as it allows to increase network throughput up to 30 Gbps. 

Create an Azure virtual machine with Accelerated Networking | Microsoft Docs 

Does anyone know if R80.10 supports Azure accelerated networking or will support in near future?

Is there any other ideas on how to increase Check Point gateway network throughput?


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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

 Hi Constantine:

I also met the Azure GW performance and my situation is worse than you. My GW is D5_V2 and throughput capacity is only 150Mbps under NGTP blades.

The root cause is our Gaia old Kernel(Linux 2.6.18) and use the old hype-v driver. So the CoreXL and Multi-Queue don't work on Azure Gateway.

Aside we have no ETA to upgrade the Kernel and driver. So you have two solution for it.

1.Tuning the NGTP Policy

2.Add more firewall instances to the LB sandwich

   Deploy smaller images but more of them.

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We do plan to update the kernel (and related drivers) as part of R80.20.


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