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Azure VMSS with Remote Access (VPN Client) Deployment Guide & Videos

Hi All, 

We are happy to announce that Azure VMSS (AutoScale) now supports VPN Client termination in the GA version.

It is the first phase of the new feature, and we are working these days, to enhance it even more.
We are going to add geolocation support, enhance the load balancing mechanism, and more.

Let your CloudGuard VMSS do all the hard work of VPN Client termination, authentication, and traffic threat prevention inspection on the Cloud instead of investing in upgrading on-premises hardware that needs to support traffic spikes and future growth.

** Feel safe to deploy the solution, the new features that would be out in the upcoming months would be on top of the existing solution and would not require to deploy it from scratch.


I have created a written guide and a video guide that would instruct you on how to deploy the solution.

Download the guide here 


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