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AWS Instance License error on Gateway

I have 2 clusters of AWS Instance attached to a Mgmt Server.. recently i noticed the following Alert : 


"Following a modification in your license information, the number of permitted cores has changed from 16 to 1.
This machine has a total of 2 cores.
Please reboot the security gateway and apply this licensing change to all members of the cluster."



The license information on all Gateways seems fine and is appearing as expected..same with cplic in CLI..


Is this a cosmetic error ? or do i need to check anything else .





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Quite awkward timing of that error, I have had similar issues with the license on Azure CloudGuard IaaS with specific gateways. We had to load a temporary license to resolve the issue until the root cause is analyzed. The issue kind of went away after re-applying the policy but only for couple of hours and it comes back. Might be worth to send a case to Check Point to investigate.


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