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AWS EC2 Management FTW not automatically running

Hello CheckMates!

Currently having an issue where the first time wizard fails to run automatically when deploying a Manager on EC2 via terraform. Once the EC2 is deployed logging into the CLI the following message is presented:

Error: one or more of the runcmd commands failed, please see /opt/CPcge/log/boot.log

Upon closer inspection of the log file I am struggling to find the indication off the issue All of the run_cmd lines show completed as status code is 0. As far as I can tell everything completes successfully. 

The file concludes with the following. It looks like all of the configuration parameters get parsed correctly from the user data inputs. When I log into the front end of GAIA the first time wizard is displayed and all the values are pre-populated as per the config.

Happy to share the complete log file if anyone is willing to have a look.

INFO::Starting First Time Wizard
ERROR::Error during instance configuration
ERROR::-- Error message: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable

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Open a service request with TAC for this, please:

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Open a service request with TAC for this, please:


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