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AWS CloudGuard IaaS: Change external interface topology via cli/bash


I have a deployment of a R80.40 AMI, dual homed, with eth0 on a private subnet and eth1 on a public subnet.

On the cloud-init script, I remove the default route from eth0, add it to eth1, and add a static route for on eht0.

When Management server tries to auto-configure it via tagging it is failing saying that "all the interfaces have a EXTERNAL policy, that is not allowed".

I confirm that if I go through SmartConsole, and change the topology of eth0 to Internal the error disappears.

The problem that I have is that I want to script this change using cli, or know how I could avoid the problem in a first instance.

Any suggestions ?


Thanks in advance

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You've asked this question a second time here:
As that thread has discussion, I am going to lock this thread.
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