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A couple of Azure R80 Questions

Hi there, long time follower but not contributed anything. I've a couple of questions that I'm hoping somebody from here might be able to offer a view?

For background we've got three R80.10 Cloudguard IaaS gateways deployed in Azure (a standalone and a cluster in separate vNets) with a  dedicated R80.10 manager in a dedicated vNet. On the whole things are working well, it was certainly a different experience deploying into Azure.

My first question is around logging, we have a requirement (PCI) to send all logs from the cluster to the Azure Monitor/Log Analytics (whatever it's called this week), there's a SK article R77.30 OMS that describes using an external Linux system to effectively send the logs to then deploying the OMS agent on that for retrieval but of course that relates to R77.30. Then there was a post in this thread Previous AMA that says it's on the road map for R80. I don't suppose there's any update on this? I cant see mention in the R80.20 notes.

My second question is around azure specifically. The R80.10 Cloudguard template allows for the deployment of the VMs in an availability set, we've done that as something is better than nothing, but really we need to deploy into an Availability Zone. Are there Check Point plans to support this deployment from a template does anyone know?


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1. I think you are looking for the R80.20 log exporter Log Exporter for exporting syslogs 

2. For Availability zones in Azure, R&D is still investigating, no ETA yet.