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dome9 ruleset change control

How to people manage changes to rulesets?

There's a tendency for dome9 installations that span multiple products to duplicate many ruleset items. 

This creates a desire for common rulesets, which then impact multiple products.

Then there's a need for oversight/approval/change-control for modifications to shared/common rulesets.

Is there any facility for using github for hosting rulesets, where teams can open a pull request for a change to a ruleset, and a governance board can review and approve/comment/reject changes?

This would allow products to create custom rulesets based on a common branch, and merge in changes from the base.

This feels like an indispensable mechanism for enterprise level ruleset mgmt. 

Right now, I can't even find out who created a rule set, let alone what the recent changes are.

Is this perhaps because I'm a lowly dome9 "user" and lack some admin permissions? (Although, I can modify rulesets, which feels like "bad thing" given the nature of shared rulesets)

Is there any change control/mgmt solution that works with rulesets?


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