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The CG Container Sec team is pleased to announce the release of Registry Vuln Scanning functionality

We now officially support Azure Container Registry (ACR) and AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

Additionally, we added Vulnerability Scanning support for AWS ECS tasks


Vulnerability Scanning

  • CloudGuard Image Assurance is now able to scan container images in registries as well!
    The Image Assurance feature can already scan container images in the pipeline using the ShiftLeft Image Scan and in runtime on the cluster using our Kubernetes agents and we are now adding the ability to scan images directly from the registry!
  • By leveraging the new Registry Scanning functionality, it is now also possible to identify vulnerabilities inside AWS ECS tasks.



A taste of what’s to come:

Registry scanning engine deployed on AWS ECS and Azure ACI.

Currently, Registry Scanning engine agents can only be deployed on Kubernetes clusters, but AWS ECS and Azure ACI scanner support will be added later in this quarter.

Stay tuned for a new container-oriented dashboard, that has more capabilities and can address a wider range of container-based security use cases.



Image Admission integrates Admission Control capabilities, including the ability to block deployments, with Image Assurance’s vulnerability scanning. This capability allows the admin to Prevent deployments that use non-compliant images.
Image Admission is now available for testing via APIs, it will be officially released later in Q3.


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