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TechTalk - Secure Data Transformation During COVID-19: Focus on Azure and AWS Cloud Security Posture

Join us on May 6, 2020!
The various mandates in response to COVID-19 have companies encouraging, if not mandating, that people work from home, which means only critical staff can be at the office or in the datacenter. This has led to an increase in the use of the public cloud services from AWS and Azure. Whether the business is one on the front line of combating Coronavirus, or is a financial institution, a manufacturer, a logistics company, or any other vertical, organizations must maintain business continuity during their cloud journeys and continue to provide the same level of security regardless of being in the cloud or on-premises. There has been case after case where a simple mis-configuration in a cloud subsystem has led to data loss.
In this CheckMates TechTalk, we'll discuss how CloudGuard Dome9 can keep your data secure by ensuring that your public cloud is compliant, secure from attacks, and is protected against mis-configurations.

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