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New dashboard menu item and functionality

CloudGuard Dome9 has a powerful new Dashboards. The new Dashboards give at-a-glance views of the state of your Dome9-managed cloud assets, posture management and alerts.

Unlike the earlier dashboard, the new dashboards are dynamic and fully customizable, and have many new features.

Among the features of the new Dashboard:

  • Fully customizable layout, with a selection of easily configured graphical widgets

  • Aggregate information from all Dome9 functions including Alerts, Assets, Logic, Accounts, Posture Management, and more

  • Organizational level information

  • Create and share custom dashboards

  • Ability to select favorites and a default dashboard

  • Click-through for more detail

Find it in the new Dashboards menu.

*The old homepage is still featured under the new dashboard menu

New dashboardNew dashboard


2 Replies

If I edit the new home dashboard, is that my dashboard or will it update the home dashboard for every user?

Can I set a different default dashboard for certain user?  Like for mgmt, can I make a high level informational dashboard and then assign it their profiles?

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Changes to the Home dashboard won't be saved, as it's a pre-defined dashboard. You can clone the pre-defined dashboard and change it. You can set the cloned dashboard to 'Public' so it will be available to all users in your Dome9 account.

Each user can set a different default dashboard, but it's up to each user to set it up right now. We will add more features and improvements to the dashboard in the future.
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