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How Dome9 can help us on serverless architecture?

Is the Dome9 able to give us visibility to a PaaS, Kubernetes services or it is able to only inventory IaaS (EC2, RDS, VM)?
I asked because we have accounts that do not have IaaS and so not appears items on Inventory and Clarity flow map, for example.
Wich features have Dome9 to help us on this environment kind?
Thank you.

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus


Dome9 offers several capabilities for Serverless and Containers Security today:

    • Visibility - Get visibility of your PAAS services inventories and Visualisation of configurations and traffic.
    • Compliance - Evaluate misconfigured Lambdas / Containers and other PAAS services from the security and compliance perspective with Dome9 Compliance Engine - several examples could be seen here & here & here 🙂 
    • Remediate - issues with Cloudbots (for example remove excessive permissions, change configurations of misconfigured PAAS services)
    • Threat Investigation - with Log.ic to Investigate, Alert and Prevent suspicious Lambda/Container traffic and user activity.

Feel free to send me an email for more details:


Marina Segal

Lead Product Manager | CloudGuard Dome9



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