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Cloud Security Posture Management on Azure and AWS with Dome9 TechTalk: Slides, Video, and Q&A

The various mandates in response to COVID-19 have companies encouraging, if not mandating, that people work from home, which means only critical staff can be at the office or in the datacenter. This has led to an increase in the use of the public cloud services from AWS and Azure. Whether the business is one on the front line of combating Coronavirus, or is a financial institution, a manufacturer, a logistics company, or any other vertical, organizations must maintain business continuity during their cloud journeys and continue to provide the same level of security regardless of being in the cloud or on-premises. There has been case after case where a simple mis-configuration in a cloud subsystem has led to data loss.

In this CheckMates TechTalk given on 6th May 2020, we discuss how CloudGuard Dome9 can keep your data secure by ensuring that your public cloud is compliant, secure from attacks, and is protected against mis-configurations. Presented by @Robert_Elliott @Gregory_Pepper @Marina_Segal 

Content available to CheckMates members:


What is the difference between CloudGuard Workload and Dome9 for providing Serverless security?

Serverless is part of the workload CloudGuard Workload supports

Does Log.ic support Exabeam?

We can send logs to any SIEM via webhook/APIs.

What Public Clouds are Supported with Dome9?

Today, we support  AWS/Azure/GCP and k8s hosted on any cloud/on-prem
. In the future, additional cloud providers may be supported.

Is Dome9 a security solution or monitoring solution?

Both. We can monitor your cloud and protect your environment with Network Protection/IAM protection and Serverless Runtime protection.

Can Log.ic monitor only cloud traffic or can it monitor all network traffic on premise as well?

CloudGuard Log.ic is a Threat Detection/Forensics and Response solution for cloud environments. Specifically, it monitors traffic via flow logs. Any traffic that is logged by AWS flow logs will be visible in Log.ic.

Does Dome9 give the config audit for workload? For example, if some admin makes changes, it will tell me what they changed when?

Yes, you can monitor configurations of your workloads such as VM/k8s clusters/pods/nodes or serverless functions. You can also be notified when changes are made.

So Log.ic only collect logs for cloud? Can we map with on-prem firewall and Endpoint SandBlast Agent?

Not currently, but we are always looking for additional use cases. If you have this or a similar use case, contact us to discuss!

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