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Playbooks to Push Policy to all Packages or a List of Them

Hello Everyone!

I wrote a couple playbooks for pushing policy.  In the past I myself, or customers, have had a request to push policy using automation.  I had to attach them as .txt files to get them through the filter.

The playbook entitled "push_policy" should push to all packages, and associated targets without any configuration to the playbook.

The second, entitled "push_policy_from_list" will push policy to a list of packages you configure in the playbook.

You can then just run the playbook using a cron job, or fire it off manually.  Can be helpful if you have a large environment with a lot of gateways that don't get policy pushes often, or if you need to update the whole company quickly.

I have tested both in my lab, and they work great, but please let me know what you think and if they work for you.

A WORD OF CAUTION: Please remember when you execute either of these playbooks, any published changes you have pending will be implemented!!!  Please use all your normal precautionary measures with regards to your change processes!

Have a wonderful day!


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