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Ansible module for endpoint gateways?

Are Checkpoint working on an Ansible module to enable management of the endpoint gateways?

We have a need to automate items such as adding static routes, interface changes etc.

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The Ansible module we have today is available here: Automate your management server using "Ansible"

We demonstrated it at CPX 2017 in one of the pre-conference sessions.

However, that's for Check Point Management, which isn't what you asked for.

I believe we will offer a gateway-specific module in the future, but the timelines have not been finalized.


Until then the API can call scripts and when using VSX there is a pretty nice provisioning tool (i.e. use for Cisco ACI in certain setups)

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Since last year, was there any progress made on that "gateway-specific module" for Ansible, without having to use "mgmt_cli run_script" API hacks, for example to add/change/delete static routes on one or several gateways? Thanks.


While I've seen some progress on the gateway API mentioned earlier, we haven't released it yet and, as stated earlier, we have not finalized the release timelines.


Hi Stuart, 

There is a ansible role available which can do that. 

Ansible Role for Gaia gateways