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what is the end point for HTTPS inspection?

I am writing python scripts to automate the most boring and trivial tasks. I could not find in the documentation what is the end point for HTTPS inspection. I would like to be able to download the policy list, add/remove etc.


this is the document i am using as reference

Check Point - Management API reference 

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HTTPS Inspection is not a part of the Management REST API’s with the current release.

You can use dbedit or show-generic-object.


These APIs provide direct access to different objects and fields in the database. As a result if an objects schema change, scripts that relied on specific schema fields may break.


As the generic-object(s) API calls have direct access to change different objects and fields in the database, they do not always provide data validation to ensure that the data added to the fields are following required format for this field. Therefore you have to ensure that the script or 3rd party system you are using to integrate with the management server is doing appropriate data validation before sending the API call.


When you have the option, always prefer to use the documented API calls and not the generic API calls as

  • They are doing data validation
  • They are documented
  • They are future compatible
  • They are tested
  • They are supported by Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

Please note that the entire HTTPS Inspection rulebase is one big object. Adding and removing rules are basically a modification of the one HTTPS Inspection rulebase object that exists in the system

Robert and Tomer.


I guess I am not touching that. Will focus on what is available in the API. 

Thanks for the concise answer.


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