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Advisor - it shows statistics of the connections, fxw_cache and sam_blocked_ips tables

This scripts allows to get statistics of the connections, fwx_cache, fwx_alloc and sam_blocked_ips tables.

This is the syntax: (TABLE:connections|fwx_cache|fwx_alloc|sam_blocked_ips|all) (CPU:global|core) (OPERATION:summary|list,<nr>,sdcfplm,<pattern>)

TABLE: connections, fwx_cache, fwx_alloc, sam_blocked_ips or all tables"
    *CPU: global or core, data globally or per core"
    *OPERATION: summary or list/detailed information; <nr> number of lines; FLAGS: s(source), d(destination), c(conversations), f(flow), p(protocol), l(local with the latest fetched data),m(filter pattern), r(rules) ; <pattern to filter>"

Some examples:


./ all global summary: all tables, all cpu cores, summary

./ all core summary: all tables, per cpu core, summary

./ connections core summary: connections table, per cpu core, summary


./ all global  list: all tables, all cpu cores, detailed. It gathers all the table entries and presents flows, conversations, sources, destination ips, rules, protocols, etc


./ all global  list:30:lmsdcfpr,icmp: analyzes the latest fetched data (l) and presents the top 30 results sorted by source, destionation, ip, conversations, flows, protocols, rules and filtered against the <icmp> pattern

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