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show host api throws Too many requests in a given amount of time


I am trying to use the  show host web api for the payload containing 10 host objects. The show host will return json object if the host object present, otherwise throws an exception. Show host api will be called one by one for 10 host objects, upto 8 objects i am getting object not found exception. 

"code" : "generic_err_object_not_found",
"message" : "Requested object [h5.31.21.7] not found"

But for 9th and 10th object i am getting the Too many requests in a given amount of time. 

"code" : "err_too_many_requests",
"message" : "Too many requests in a given amount of time".


I am accessing the web ui, through java code. 

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We need to see the session management calls (I.e. login) and every API call made until you get the error.
The actual code would be helpful but a high level description of your code flow WITH the exact API calls used in the precise order called by your code will work.

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