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set-access-rule - API

I was looking at moving a rule from position 1 to 3 with the following:


  "uid": "rule-uid-here",

  "layer" : "Network",

  "new-position" : 3,

  "details-level" : "full"


Response: 400 Bad Request


  "code": "generic_err_invalid_parameter",

  "message": "new-position parameter temporarily unsupported"


Is there a way I can simply move rules around without deleting/adding them?

Originally, instead of using "new-position" : 3, I was using "position" : 3, which returns a status 200 OK but was not moving the rule. Should it be returning status 200 OK when using "position"?

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Hi Joshua,

The set-access-rule API does not have a "new-position" or "position" arguments. See

Unfortunately, you cannot re-position a rule using the existing APIs. This is a feature that we'd like to add to one of the upcoming releases.

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That is weird. In the documentation you have the "new-position" argument since the API v1:

Is it a mistake in the documentation?

I am currently using this argument with R81.10 (API v1.8).

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There is definitely no argument named simply "position" in the syntax of "set access-rule" API.

Testing a quick example via MGMT CLI in R81.10 works as expected otherwise i.e.

set access-rule rule-number 2 new-position 1 layer "Network" --format json

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