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"UNSUPPORTED_FILE" after uploading a file

Hi, I have a few questions:

  1.  I uploaded separately multiple files using the API on 90% of them I get the message "CP_EXTRACT_RESULT_UNSUPPORTED_FILE" why is that?, it gives that message even for simple txt files? 
  2. When I'm trying to ask a query about some file using his md5/sha1 it tells me "could not find the requested file. ,Please upload it" even that I uploaded the file a few seconds before using the query, any suggestions?
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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

1. You are uploading a not supported file to TEX, that means that you might be using   ['te','extraction'] as features for all your files. If you upload en executable for example you will receive CP_EXTRACT_RESULT_UNSUPPORTED_FILE because you cannot apply TEX to an exe.

2. When using Cloud Service you must include a cookie to the request.

Using Python requests it looks like:

results = serviceSettings['service_primary'] + 'query', headers = headers, data = json.dumps(request), cookies=cookie, verify=False)

You obtain the cookie after each request, use it once you get it for all the request of this file.

Cookie is only needed for cloud service.