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cluster state details for VSX server


I am trying below command on vsx server with fw ver = 80.10 and gaia_api version = 1.7

[Expert@icpfw-fwvsx2a:0]# mgmt_cli show cluster-state --context gaia_api --version 1.7 --format json

Username: admin


message: "The Management API service is not available. Please check that the Management API server is up and running."

code: "generic_error"

the gaia_api status looks good on firewall but seems like "show cluster-state" command is not available on clish mode either but my question is if a command is not available on clish mode is it unavailable on gaia api command list as well??, my goal is to print ha state info from VSX  server

Any guidance is helpful here


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While you can update the Gaia API independently of the base OS, API calls ultimately require the functionality to be present in the OS.
Given that show cluster-state is not there in the CLI, it's not going to be available via the API.
If you want this functionality, upgrade to a newer release (R80.10 is End of Support).

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