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I'm trying to automate the script to run for a few of our clients - problem comes in with trying to get the results to come back to me.

I want to run this from the Manager as some clients have large environments and then have the results of the healthcheck sent to me, best way would be email but if there are any other options I'd be interested to hear them.

I can make a cron script to run the healthcheck but am having trouble figuring out how to script the rest, any help is appreciated.

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I forgot to add, another problem when running the cron job for this is that when run on the manager
"./ -r" it prompts me to select the gateway, is there a way to select which gateway to run the healthcheck on in the command?

./ -r "gateway name" still prompts me for the gateway - I would like to automate this to run monthly but if it needs to prompt the gateway maybe I will have to set these cron jobs up on each of the gateways?

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I highly recommend not running the script via cron as some issues have been reported when doing so such as multiple instances of a simple bash command running which shouldn't have taken long to execute but somehow got stuck.

When you do run the script from the management server, the files are pulled from the gateway automatically.  You should be able to find the resulting files in /var/log/ on the management server.  The files will be named using the gateway hostname and timestamp.

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