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Script for basic configuration capture from bash CLI

This is a script for execution at the bash CLI expert shell level, while not connected to Gaia web UI, that creates a set of output files with basic configuration data about the system where it is run, either management (SMS or MDM) or gateway.  The script uses basic bash shell and Gaia clish commands to harvest data that may be relevant for later use in restoring configuration or duplicating setup.

I've updated this script to version Level 2, 00.06.00

There is no claim this information collected is complete for a restore, but is a work in progress, and may improve in the future to add more information.

This script does not replace important disaster recovery operations like Check Point Snapshot, Backup, Migrate, or mds_backup; but augments the collection of data for easy re-use, documentation, or configuration check.

This script and others are located natively and updated regularly on GitHub under the main Check Point Gaia Bash scripts efforts.

Check Point Gaia Bash scripts repository :  GitHub - mybasementcloud/check_point_gaia_bash_scripts: Various bash scripts for Check Point Softwar... 

Direct link to configuration capture script and history :  check_point_gaia_bash_scripts/config_capture at master · mybasementcloud/check_point_gaia_bash_scrip... 

This script has been tested and utilized with Check Point releases R77, R77.30, R80, R80.10 with no difference in operation based on Jumbo Hotfix Implementation.

Documentation is updated for the new version and attached also.

Future releases may update or change the information above, and the best source for the most current version is on GitHub:  check_point_gaia_bash_scripts/config_capture at master · mybasementcloud/check_point_gaia_bash_scrip... 

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