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R80 PowerShell Module

Power Shell module that hooks into the Check Point Web API for both Management and Identity Awareness.


2018-06-04 - v1.0.0 Released

Major Update

  • Now uses CheckPoint.NET class library in the back-end
  • Can now verify Server's SSL Hash when connecting
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements

Please see Wiki page for more details.

2017-11-22 - v0.7.10 Released

New Cmdlets for one way syncs of groups into Check Point

Group Sync Examples (Office365 (Updated), Azure & AWS)

Fix session parameter in Export-CheckPointAccessRule

Initial PS views added. (More to come)

Added TagAction to all Set Cmdlets so you can add/remove Tags one at a time.

To see previous release notes head over to GitHub Releases Page


PS> Install-Module psCheckPoint [-Scope CurrentUser]


Documentation can be found at

Code can be found at GitHub - tkoopman/psCheckPoint: Powershell Module for Check Point R80 Web API 

Please let me know via issue ticket if you find any bugs or have a particular API call, feature or even common example that would help others, you would like implemented.

I will try and prioritize those API calls that are requested.


Many example scripts can be found at psCheckPoint/Examples on GitHub 

It includes examples for the following (Most of which I am using myself in production):

  • Export to HTML
    Can be used to export parts of a rule-base including all objects used. Also can be used to export all rules where certain objects are used.
  • Group Sync
    Allows for one way syncing of Network Groups from an external source. Examples for this includes maintaining groups for Office 365, AWS & Azure.
    As this creates and maintains these as standard network objects means you can use this everywhere in the policy including but not limited to, Access Rules, NAT, Desktop Policy, HTTPS Rules.
  • Import from Excel
    Importing lots of different object types from an Excel workbook
  • Tor - Identity Awareness
    Used to assign all Tor IPs to an IA Role which you could then use to block all Tor IPs.
  • Save Configs
    Uses the command to run a script on multiple gateways to get the Gaia running configuration and saves them all to text files.
  • Close Sessions
    For when you may of forgotten to close a heap of API sessions. This will close all that don't have any changes associated to them.
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Hi Tim.
Big thanks for this module. Now I have toy to play with 🙂
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Hi Tim,

Also from me, a very BIG thank you for this module. Just finished a script that exports the hostobject ruleconfig. This saves a lot of time!!!

Really hope this module can be extended with set-access-rule/delete-access-rule functionallity for removing old servers from the rulebase.


Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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