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R80.40 JFH 91 web API login failing

We have a script to login via Web API and install policy which has been working for quite a while.  We just migrated to new 5150 hw with migrate_server import and migrate_server export, then applied JHF 91.  Now our Web API script is failing with "Cannot connect to MDS: https://<server name>/web_api/v1.3/login (Removed our actual server name from that URL).  Not sure if we should get a login page when we go to that URL, however if we do it dispalys "This page isn't working" and HTTP error 405.

api has been restarted and api status shows everything running.    I tried viewing api.elg file however no entries when the script runs.  Audit log shows the user logging in to Smart Console and then disconnecting 15 minutes later which is normal.

Any suggestions or logs to look at?



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Employee Employee

R80.40 uses version 1.6 API



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You should be able to use the v1.3 for the new MDS, I see no reason not to. If you don't provide the domain in the login process, you are on the MDS level "System Data" domain. Does the user with the credentials have permissions to login to MDS level? Where you successful in using mgmt_cli from the MDS with those credentials as well?

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