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R80.10 dbedit usage


We are working on changing many cluster firewall and in this change, the interface id's will change (ex : eth2.351 on the olf device  will be bond2.351 in the new one). Since we have many devices implied in the evolution I have try to change all the "official name" with a script and dbedit. After I pass he script, I see that the value are changed in the objects_5_0.C file, but if I check the same information in the SmartDashboard, the value are not changed. I have try to install the database on the SmartCenter, no change, restart the SmartCenter process, no change.

All idea are welcomed.

Many thanks

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus


1. You are correct that while the Management API's can manage simple gateways, they do not have a REST API or CLI for clusters, and dbedit is till the way to go for automating cluster creations.

2. R80 Security Management is a platform change. The .C files which we all know and love to change are no longer the database, but rather just a dump during the policy installation process. Security Management data with R80.10 (all of it, including VSX and VS's and any object comes to mind) is managed and versioned on the backend with 2 databases and a logical process called CPM. 

3. A misconception about Install Database: it doesn't actually install databases. It is relevant to synchronizing object names with the log server, so that when viewing logs, IP's will be translated to Check Point object names. It also updates the SmartEvent Automatic Reaction configuration. But nothing Management or Gateway-wise.

4. So to answer your question, to verify that your changes were added correctly, use "dbedit show". 

Hope this helps.


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