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Postman Collections (links to all available) and the basics

Check Point R8X Postman Collections available on CheckMates community

Also will post conversions for the collections to postman collection version 2.0 and 2.1 collections. 


Check Point APIs Reference :  API Reference

Check Point APIs Homepage SK : sk121360


Check Point R8X Postman Collections for Gaia API

Postman Collections for GAIA REST API are in the GAIA API TGZ installer file by release

Useful CheckMates articles:

Gaia REST API: Read and send information to Check Point servers (sk143612)


Check Point R8X Postman Collections for SandBlast (Threat Prevention API)



Useful CheckMates articles:

SandBlast API documentation 

Threat Prevention API for Security Gateway (SK137032)

Using Postman API development tool to experience SandBlast API 


Check Point R8X Postman Collections for Generic API


Useful CheckMates articles:



Postman is available for download for free (additional service levels available) on Windows, Linux, Mac OS :


Basic Operations:

  1. Download and install Postman
  2. Execute minimum configuration for Check Point API utilization
    • In Settings -> General (tab) -> SSL certificate verification -> OFF
  3. Create Environment (recommend specific environment for target API host server)
    1. Create Variable "server" for API host.  Remember to use the correct HTTPS port value to correspond to the Gaia web portal
    2. Create Variable "session" for API to set after logon for subsequent operations, initially leave blank
  4. Download relevant Check Point Management API or other API Postman collections, extract, and import to Postman
  5. Operate API with Postman


Helpful Postman Documents and Information on CheckMates


How-to use Postman :

Working with Postman :

2 Replies

Thank you for the Postman collections. They are really useful for studying and testing the API.

It would be useful to have the link to the API documentation here:

Check Point - Management API reference


Very useful post!

Worth updating this with the recently released 1.6.1 version of the Management APIs: 

It has some great new APIs and is available with the latest JHF on R80.40.

Thanks @Eran_Habad & @Omer_Kleinstern 


Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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