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New API Flags with R80.10 Jumbo 70

Hello All,

So I see that Jumbo 70 (Onging Take) includes new API flags as detailed in sk121292. I have installed this on my test box and I am looking at if I could add these flags to psCheckPoint & my new .NET library I am writing.

Question I have, Is there a way to identify if this hotfix is applied? In initial testing it doesn't look like any way to work this out.

All version details returned by show api-versions, login and show version all return identical results pre & post hotfix.

Which seems to be a Check Point standard, but the build number which normally do change are not included.

I do have 2 options I can think of, but hoping I have missed and easier way.

1. Use the run script API. This however will not work if the connected user doesn't have the rights so I have excluded it as a valid option.

2. Just try and run a command with the new flags and see if an error is returned. While this will work I would not class this as ideal, especially if this continues and next time new flags or commands are added we once again just have to try and see if it works.

Any thoughts?

Ideally Check Point could add changes to version details pre this hotfix being moved to "general availability".


Tim Koopman

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Employee Alumnus


I'd proceed with the second option. Ugly but will work for sure.

Once R80.20 management will be out, your problem will be solved.


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