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Management API error return values

Hello guys,

I am quite new when it comes to the usage of the management API and have a small question.

I've written a batch script which imports a list of "add access-rule commands" (e.g. line one: "mgmt_cli add access-rule layer [...]",  line two: "mgmt_cli add access-rule layer [...]", etc.). The script verifies each imported rule and gives the feedback of "ok" for a working one and an error message for non working ones. The error message contains the default return information of the api which looks like this (for a non existing object):

"code: "generic_err_object_not_found"

message: "Requested object [here is the object name] not found"

Unfortunately this message only contains the first error that the API can find within the command.

Now my question is; is it possible to receive all incorrect statements of a management api command and not just the first one that is found? Because by default if you try to execute a command, as mentioned before, only the first found error is being returned. It would be great, for troubleshooting purposes, to instantly see all incorrect or non existing statements of a command string. As currently, if errors are found, I need to change the command and run it again just to maybe see that later in the same command another error occured.

Thanks in advance and best regards,


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Hi Maik,

Management API errors are raised on a first match, they are not accumulated.



Hi Robert,

Thanks for the fast reply!

Are there any plans for future API updates to also allow accumlated errors per command?



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No, there are no such plans due to major performance downgrade.

The command that executes must return as fast as possible.



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