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How to fetch/export Configuration and Rule File?

Hi all,

I want to fetch/export configuration and rule file from Management server, if possible please suggest the Cli command or Restful API commands.

In Sonicwall firewall, i used below command to fetch configuration and rule file:

For Configuration:

  • export current-config exp scp scp://${UserInput:scp_username}:${UserInput:scp_password}@${UserInput:scp_server_address}/${UserInput:file_name}

For Rule:

  • show access-rules

Please share the equivalent commands for Checkpoint device. 

Thanks & Regards,
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Employee Employee

It depends on your actual needs / purpose - why are you trying to execute these.

For backup just use CLI and it will save both mgmt Gaia config and actual rulebase

backup scp ip path / username <username> password <password>

But if you simply want to see Gaia configuration run "show configuration" from CLISH

As for exporting rules to text using API - just search this forum, there are number of tools already written for many options HTML, CSV, etc

really depends what you are trying to achieve


We have several examples in Developers (Code Hub)

The API/CLI docs are here: Check Point - Management API reference 

The command you're looking for is show access-rulebase which requires, as a parameter, the name/UID of the access layer in question.

You can see all the rulebases/layers using the command show access-layers.

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