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How to enbale and configure Application filtering blade with Ansible



 I am using Terraform for infrastructure provisioning and Ansible for configuration in AWS to deploy checkpoint FIrewall R80, I am stuck on few points below, 


I am looking for a solution how to enable Application filtering blade(any other blade like IPS etc.) and how to add URL/s for Egress filtering.  I am using Ansible for automation so that Internal subnet can access the Some URL on the Internet and rest should be blocked.

Any Ansible module related to this would help a lot.

Thank you, 

Amit Chaubey 

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The command in the API is set simple-gateway, as documented here: Check Point - Management API reference: set simple-gateway

To add URLs for egress filtering, you'd have to:

In the sample configurations here, similar tasks are done: 

I recommend looking at the enclosed playbooks.

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