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Gaia RBA roles and gaia API

I looked around, found a few threads, but none with definitive answers.


Looks like Gaia API doesn't work for accounts with readonly permissions on features.  To allow a Gaia user to have Gaia API access, the user requires the adminRole.  I even tried to give rba roles with readwrite-features for specific commands, and that wasn't enough.  The user had to be 'adminRole'.


In a future version, will we be able to have a scoped-permission user for Gaia API?   I understand Gaia API is a different server/backend construct versus CPM/FWM on management servers.  Hopefully this can be added soon?  It would be very helpful to have limited-view access for remote API scripts.



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You have answered your own question: Gaia API requires an admin role. If you need anything different, please open an RFE

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