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Gaia HCP (HealthCheck Point) Update 2 - Take 29 released

Check Point released Update 2 - Take 29 of it's Gaia HCP - HealthCheck Point Script

HealthCheck Point (HCP) is a self-updatable suite of tools for:

  • Tests: Assesses the health of your system
  • WTS (What's The Story): Provides a timeline of critical and informative events occurred on the system
  • Topology: Visualize the Firewall topology

What's new:

  • ID Description
    Update 2 - Take 29 (18 March 2021)
    HCP-18 NEW: Added Memory Usage (RAM) test, which analyzes the different memory sections and their current usage.
    HCP-12 NEW: Added a compatibility test of configured features in Scalable Platform environments (based on sk148074).
    HCP-15 NEW: Added --v / -version argument to display the Take number / RPM build of HCP.
    HCP-11 NEW: Added ability to see a back trace of core dump files.
    HCP-20 NEW: Added a new test that verifies that the distribution configurations between local members and SSMs are consistent.
    HCP-13 NEW: Added a new test that confirms that logs are being written to a Log Server and not locally.
    HCP-21 NEW: Added "bond test" and "corexl status on VSX" performance tests.
    HCP-1 Running HCP on remote members using the"-m" flag is not available in Maestro environments.
    HCP-23 Tests that are supposed to run only in Scalable Platform run in all environments.
    HCP-17 FW kern sanity test may fail when using parameter from type "uint".


Product Update # Release Date Download package
Quantum Security Gateways, Security Management and VSX   Update 2 - Take 29 18 March 2021


Quantum Scalable Chassis and Maestro



autoupdatercli install <full path to the .tar file>

Usage (Default)

hcp -r all --include-wts yes


View Report

CLI: hcp --show-last | more
Web: /var/log/hcp/last/hcp_last_report.tar.gz



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